When to Call the Professionals for Garage Door Repair


Garage doors are used numerous times on a daily basis in Mesquite TX, and homeowners rarely think about the possibility that something may go wrong. It’s only when the garage door starts to fail that people think about truly examining the door and looking for problems. Homeowners know that something needs to be fixed, but they aren’t sure if they should make the call to a professional. Here are some signs that a garage door needs to be repaired by a professional.



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The most obvious sign that a garage door needs to be repaired is when the door doesn’t open at all. Sometimes a door that won’t open can be attributed to something simple like a simple blockage of the sensors. A box may have fallen over, some old decorations may have gotten in the way, or even some insects might be in the path, all of which are easy fixes. However, if there isn’t a sensor blockage, then there could be a more serious problem, such as a sensor misalignment or even bad wiring. In these cases, it’s best to call in the experts to take care of the problem.

A garage door that in need of repair will take longer to respond to commands than a normal one. Generally doors can respond in less than a second and take at most two seconds to respond to the press of a garage door opener. The door will then move smoothly without stopping or pausing while it runs. The presence of a delay from the time the button is pressed is an indicator for quite a few door problems that a regular person won’t be able to fix in most cases.

When a garage door needs servicing, it will be quite noisy. This means that one of the rollers may be worn down, something may be loose in the entire setup, or the door opener may be experiencing some kind of problem. Sometimes homeowners ignore these sounds or just pretend that it’s nothing more than a sign of age, but they can mean so much more, and if they are taken care of by an expert in time, then further damage to the garage door can be prevented and repair costs will be lower.


One problem with garage doors that is easy to spot is when they’re not on their tracks. The door can’t move properly without the tracks and will more than likely stop moving entirely. In garage doors that have been around for a long time or have taken quite a beating, this issue is very common. This problem will likely require professional help, as it can be really difficult for a regular person to handle, especially given the size and weight of the average garage door.

Sagging is also noticeable in garage doors in need of professional repair. A garage door that is treated with care will be able to open and close with ease, but when the door is damaged, there will be visible gaps under the door. A monthly balance test can help homeowners catch any problems that will prevent the door from closing properly. Putting the door on manual operation and leaving it halfway opened will show an issue with the torsion spring, a common problem that homeowners dread. Normally the door will stay in place during the test, but when the spring is having problems, the door will either rise or fall.

Even the torsion spring itself can be visual sign that a garage door will need to be repaired by a professional. Torsion spring damage isn’t often noticed to the average homeowner, but a quick look at the spring can tell the homeowner a lot about the state of the garage door. Dirt and rust are easy to see on a spring and show that a spring on the verge of wearing out. Gaps in the spring that measure inches in distance are even worse, and breaks in the spring are important signs that shouldn’t be ignored. Torsion springs are definitely something that should only be replaced by professionals, as the tightly wound springs can cause severe injury.

No matter the problem, a professional in Mesquite TX can repair a garage door. Calling them at the first notice of one of these signs will put the door on the right track to repair.